Bagpipingandy's Compressor Repair Kit

Bagpipingandy's Compressor Repair Kit

Welcome to Bagpipingandy's website. Here you can purchase the original and best air suspension compressor repair kit.

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Repair kit

Tired of worrying about possible expensive air suspension repair costs? 

Fear not - whats on offer is a repair kit to renew your tired air suspension compressor bringing its compression back to as good as new.

Read More on the repair kit details using the link below.


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Wabco compressor

This model of Wabco compressor is very common and found on many models of vehicle.

Please find a link below for more info on models, years and part numbers for your reference.

Wabco Compressor

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On some models it is easiest, and can only be carried out, with the compressor removed from the car, but I know with the Audi allroad it can be done leaving the compressor still on the car which can make it very quick, 10mins, to change the piston ring.

Please see link to install guide below for information on all vehicles.


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How it's made

One question that pops up from interested people is where do I get the parts and what is the part number? I actually manufacture the piston ring on a lathe and a universal milling machine which I have in my garage at home.

I buy in the material in lengths of bar, get it into my garage, and out at the other end comes a precision machined piston ring.

Making the piston ring

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About me

My name is Andy Fulton (Bagpipingandy) and in February 2012 I manufactured a repair solution for my 2000 Audi allroad’s, slow to lift, air suspension. I have been a toolmaker machinist since 1995 working for major aerospace companies in the UK, and I enjoy fixing and making things.

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I buy used compressors

I offer cash for used compressors, please get in touch for details.