Kit Installation

Kit Installation

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Range Rover / BMW Installation

First remove the compressor from the car (get removal guides here).

1 Remove bolts

  • Remove the plastic air intake pipe to make lifting off the head easier;
  • Undo the two torx or allen-head bolts (See photo below).

2 Disassembly

  • Lift off the compressor from the motor.

3 Piston ring

  • Note the position of the old piston ring and remove it;
  • Fit the new piston ring on in the same orientation as the removed ring.

4 Piston ring position

  • IMPORTANT: Make sure the piston ring can float a little around the small timing pin. If you cannot see the pin it is fitted incorrectly. The pin should sit in the gap made by the piston ring.

5 Clean and fit O-ring

  • If you have use of a compressor, give the crank end a blow out (watch your eyes!);
  • Clean the cylinder with a dry rag;
  • Clean the mating faces, removing the old rubber o-ring and select either the new round or new shaped rubber o-ring, whatever one suits your compressor. (The shaped o-ring is found mainly on the early compressors but both o-rings are provided just discard the one not required.)
  • (The o-ring is a dust shield only and does not add to the compression, however it does stop dust getting sucked in, so make sure it's fitted).

6 Reassembly

  • Refit cylinder and new bolts if required;
  • Refit the compressor back on to the car;
  • Job done!